The winter jacket is definitely a highlight in our wardrobe during the cold days. Have you ever wondered what exactly to pair it with so that you have a completely finished look and your style? Combining your winter jacket is essential to keep you warm and comfortable. First, remember that you will most likely have several layers of clothing, and it's good that they are going away. Second, choose a jacket that you can invest in knowing you'll be wearing it for a long time. Finally, find the right accessories to complete your look.


We are here to help you with easy tips.


Each coat has its own charm, and the accessories and clothes underneath make it even more special. If you are the proud owner of a black coat , then you most likely love the classics. Under the coat, you can wear any shirt, sweater, polo shirt, dress, even a jacket. The proportions of oversized jackets combined with fitted clothes create an attractive contrast. The same can be said for a fitted coat with looser clothes underneath, which is definitely a winter-appropriate combination. Pants, jeans, mini skirt - you can't go wrong. A black coat goes great with a fur hat. The classic look never goes unnoticed.


If you're a fan of the neutral colors of brown and beige for coats, you know that the nude range is at its peak this winter as well. Color coordinate your overall look. An ocher cargo pant would go great with your winter jacket. In addition to warm colors, you can safely add gold jewelry. A set of gloves and a hat in ocher are not superfluous. For added warmth, style the look with knee-high boots or classic heeled boots.


Leather jackets with a print or a more interesting color are certainly the star of your outfit, so underneath you can bet on the eternal trend - leather pants or leggings. Let the outer garment be the accent, but don't neglect the rest of the outfit. Another idea - wear the long coat unbuttoned to show the accessories and clothes you wear underneath. So you create a range of styles in one. The long coat look looks great with a nice leather cap.

Here are some tips that you can apply to any coat or winter jacket. Even if your outerwear seems simple, a quick way to improve your look is with winter accessories . Throw on a plaid scarf, a neon hat, or even a fuzzy hat, all of which have the ability to make a statement and help embed a personal style. Glasses always add a modern, elegant edge to any look.