It happens every year: fall arrives and the all-knowing fashion forces focus their eyes on outerwear, and more specifically, coats. We get it and know that a coat can make the most ordinary look stunning. Finding that "right coat" comes down to a balance between the aesthetics of the first impression and its natural function of keeping us warm.

If you are determined to spend the cold seasons in a single, beautiful, reliable and high-quality coat, it is good that your choice is definite. One thing is clear - classic coat models go with any style and are easily combined with most clothes, shoes and accessories in the wardrobe.

Genuine leather coats and jackets have a certain edge that most outerwear on store racks doesn't. Whether short or classic ankle-length, they're often striking enough to be the main attraction of your outfit, rather than just a well-insulated cover-up you can't wait to take off.

A real fur coat should have several important qualities, and now we will talk about them:

As we have already mentioned, first of all, matter is important. The higher the quality of the leather on a coat, the warmer you will be, and not only that...real leather is much longer lasting. Design - here we have to look at the details. The classic straight design looks great in addition to casual outfits as well as evening dresses and formal trousers. This is the coat you know will look good no matter what it's paired with. Color. No matter if your wardrobe is dominated by black and white or super colorful clothes, when choosing outerwear it's good to bet on a safe color. The long coat occupies a large part of the body and is the first thing of the overall look that is noticed. If you're a fan of a monochrome capsule wardrobe, this will be a great addition to it. If you love bold colors, you can always add a bright scarf or a neon bag to a classic coat color that will undoubtedly suit any palette. It's a surefire way to express yourself and not be deprived of wearing a signature color during the cold gray seasons.

So, if you're still wondering what your statement piece is, trust a brand that can offer you everything you need. The classic silhouette, superb cut and quality workmanship are what make the coat an indispensable garment in our wardrobe.