Leather is a classic fashion element that, regardless of era, trend or style, will always be included in new collections every season. Colored leather is a particularly trendy variation seen on the spring/summer 2022 catwalks as well as popular social media accounts.

The flexibility of the skin is a characteristic feature of the fabric. Classic leather in shades of brown or black is being worn more, especially in the colder months. As much as neutral leather is a staple, bright hued styles in neon or pastel colors can be found in abundance this season. A joy to the eye.

Experiment with colorful leather by going for monochromatic head-to-toe styling, pairing leather with other colorful clothing and accessories to create a new texture, or incorporating a single bright item.

Here are some tips for lovers of classic looks:

Wearing leather during the warmer months is not only fashionable, but also gives you opportunities to freshen up your style. Pair a well-tailored pair of leather shorts with a tank top under a light blazer with rolled up sleeves for a casual look, but keep it solid for a more sophisticated look. Or create a more classic style by wearing the shorts with a sheer cotton blouse for a more feminine look. A classic leather shirt jacket or leather bustier are super warm-weather staples that will accentuate any outfit and give you options to mix and match with denim skirts, shorts and jeans. Add a great pair of summer heels to create the perfect outfit for the city.

While it may feel unnatural to wear leather and suede in spring, don't dismiss these favorite fabrics because you think they're not on trend. The latest styling trends ensure you make the right choice when it comes to planning your wardrobe for the warm temperatures.