Season after season, the aviator jacket never goes out of fashion - it has become an indispensable part of our outfit, without which we cannot survive during the cold days. Brands such as Celine, Chloé and Isabel Marant have their own versions, as well as Acne Studios and Schott, where the aviator jacket is an irreplaceable classic. The most stylish girls tend to wear it in a way that is perfect for city life, with a pair of slightly cropped jeans and favorite colorful accessories.


The jacket has a certain androgynous charm and can easily be paired with suit trousers, or worn with tartan trousers and boots for a 60s flair. In short, the aviator jacket is forever stylish with its vintage charm.

The modern ultra-stylish leather jacket appeared in the early 1900s. During World War II, German aviators began wearing brown leather jackets known as bombers or aviator jackets. They are designed to fit the pilots snugly to keep them warm and comfortable in cold conditions. In those days, high altitude fighters did not have internal temperature control like the airplanes we have now.

To keep your jacket as long as possible, it is recommended that it be made of natural high-quality leather. Don't worry about styling, as we've already said, aviator jackets will never go out of style.

Here are some up-to-date pairing tips:

Sporty. The aviator jacket pairs perfectly with your favorite leggings or jeans and sneakers. White sneakers are a classic look that pairs perfectly with the jacket. So you will be comfortable and always look stylish.

The warm coat alternative goes well with the midi knit dress with boots, as well as a classic mini dress with tights and ankle boots.

For the bold ladies, we'll offer leather shorts, a crop top and, weather permitting, bare legs with high boots. Modern Carrie Bradshaw on 5th Avenue!