Today we will tell you more about the maintenance and storage of natural fur coats.

Whether you have a coat made from REX, fox, mink or any other type of fur, the principle of storage is the same - make sure it is hung on wide hangers so it doesn't fold, crease or lose its shape. Then think about the best place to keep it. Make sure this area is not exposed to heat or light, otherwise you risk oxidation, staining, or the hairs attracting moths. A cool and ventilated place is ideal for storage. And also, remember to put your favorite leather item in a cotton bag only, avoid using plastic bags.

If you find that your fur coat has been soaked with water, you should make sure that you dry it thoroughly. It would be best to place it in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally. For safety reasons, it is very important to keep away from smoke, fumes and strong aromas.

In an emergency, stains should be removed quickly with a cloth and a little detergent for the type of leather concerned; avoid rubbing to avoid damaging the skin.

No matter how long you wear a genuine leather coat, if you store it properly and with care, it will continue to delight you just as it did from the first day you bought it.